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On June 3rd I lost my sister. Out of the blue, she was in her kitchen doing her morning routine and bang, she had a brain aneurism that...


It is always a good thing, good medicine, to leave offerings to spirit. Offerings aren't an exchange to prayers asked for. Offerings are...


Peace should be a verb. Peace should be something we do or are doing. Even when I sit amongst nature, still and quiet, I am "doing"...


So far it's been a dry winter here. It's been chilly but not terribly cold. The plants have withdrawn and it would be so quiet except for...


The season of spirits. The season of ancestors. We performed our Samhain ceremony, just us two, on the first snow of the year. hard to...

Alban Elfed

Well here we are again, around and around the wheel turns. Can you feel the changes? As a Druid we can have an advantage to sensing...

What do you feel?

Here we are working on the backside of April, there is a cold wind blowing but the tulips have almost bloomed and some brave dandelions...


There is something taught by one of my teachers, and it's called The Slows. It is moving very very VERY slowly. To give you an idea of...


I was just reading about yet another person who gave up one of the big religions, feeling lied to and betrayed. Having been convinced...


They say that if the weather on Imbolc is good it's because the Cailleach is gathering extra wood for a harsh spring. It's been cold,...

The Between Time

Here I stand between Samhain and Alban Arthan. The dark time, the time of the great Cailleach! Once I met Nicniven. She was making a...


I want to know where I'll go when I die. I want to know who will say that it's alright. I want to know, I want to know, I want to know....


Samhain is coming. Can you feel it? Can you feel the Cailleach in the shadows? I have been thinking on the dead and ancestors as of late....


THE GIFT OF THE SARCEN STONE. This is a very clear dream I had after visiting a fallen and broken sarcen stone. Everyone was there from...


The corn is tall and heavy in the fields. Fruits are gaining their blush under the powerful glare of the sun. The air is thick making...

Druid caretaker

Have you thought about your role as a caretaker of the Earth? That, to me, is to big to consider. So another way to look at it is how do...

Alban Hefin blessings

Wishing everyone a beautiful solstice time enjoying our magnanimous Sun! Hail Belinus! We honor and thank you!

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Patrick Archambeau

Thanks for your interest in Crann Na Cailli Druid Grove. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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How It Got Started

Where we began.

Patrick and Annette started their Druid journey many years ago learning about nature awareness, the philosophy of the earth, tracking and survival by taking classes with the world renowned tracker Tom Brown Jr. They have continued to learn from him for over 20 years. Patricks first Druid journal entry was in 1997. Patrick and Annette also studied with the Lakota Sioux for many years. More recently they joined the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, one of the largest Druid orders in the world. Working their way through Bardic, Ovate and Druid grades. Patrick and Annette are also a members of The Black Mountain Druid Order and The Order of Celtic Wolves.

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