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On June 3rd I lost my sister. Out of the blue, she was in her kitchen doing her morning routine and bang, she had a brain aneurism that probably killed her instantly but her body remembered it's job for another couple hours. How strange it is. The suddenness of it really caught me sideways.

We would send each other funny memes everyday and now it's like standing on the edge of a cliff... it feels like nothing is there.

Annette and I were taught to do a ceremony called "9 nights". For 9 nights at sunset we make an offering to the person who has passed. This would preferably be started the night they move to the otherside. We offer her, her favorite food and drink and tell her we love her and to not worry or be scared. We light a candle to give her comfort and to light her way. We talk to her about the people who miss her and the ancestors waiting to comfort and guide her. We cry and laugh and just be with her spirit for 9 nights. It's a pretty good thing. I think it helps us to grieve and let go. It let's us feel like we are helping her in some way.

Where is she going? How is she doing? No one knows for sure but it really makes you think, and prepares you for your own passing.

We were watching TV last night and a vent in the ceiling fell twice making a huge racket and startling us. In 5 years of living here the vent has never fallen. The easy chair I sit in to watch movies is against the wall but last night I caught movement out of the corner of my eye that made me jump. Sue?

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