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I was just reading about yet another person who gave up one of the big religions, feeling lied to and betrayed. Having been convinced that their purpose was to get to heaven, they now felt lost as to what their purpose was in life. I have observed that capitalism has become a religion of sorts which follows in the steps of actual religion. The goals of these religions is for the individual to "win", having the most, be it money or piety. Our culture wants us to believe that there is only one way to do anything. The way they demand. Food, medicine, money, religion, or, if you're into academics and science, no logical religion, just facts. Only one way. We live as if Sauron from the movie The Lord of the Rings won the war and all are now under the rule of the One ring. "One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness, bind them."

We are under the rule of the One ring. How does this relate to purpose? If we are to believe that there is only one way to believe, one way to get food, one way to obtain medicine, one way to get the"facts", then there becomes only one purpose for people. To drive the "me" culture on. Bigger house, new car, more schooling. For who? All of us? No. Our country is sending billions of dollars and equipment to another country to, simply put, kill people. But with no apparent compassion or empathy we look at emmigrants like the zombie apocalypse. This, in my opinion, is what having a purpose that only serves the self brings. If our purpose was based on service we would have a very different world. We would live in a world of "ours" not "mine." We would strive to be caring to all instead of "dog eat dog, gotta get mine."

Step away from "One Ring" thinking. Be of service to your planet and ALL who call this place home. There are other definitions of abundance other than money. There are other ways to get food and medicine that aren't chained to a machine designed to chew you up and spit you out. There are other beliefs than a self serving path to heaven.

There are many many other sentient beings living here with us. Open your mind and senses to their presence. You do not have to be a slave to the system. Leave behind the slave mentality of the "One Ring."

Find purpose and fulfillment in being of service. Do it intelligently. Serve quietly. Serve this beautiful earth in any way big or small.

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