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The season of spirits. The season of ancestors.

We performed our Samhain ceremony, just us two, on the first snow of the year. hard to believe less than a week ago it was eighty degrees but we had a beautiful indian summer with really nice leaf changes. It got quite cold since although the oak in the front is stoically holding his beautifful red leaves. Definitely a change in energy, definitely a thinning of the viel. As a follower of the True Old Ways, the Faerey Faith, it is so important to honor the ancestors, to reach to the Pale People, the People Below. We honor Lurruh, Ama Lurruh, Mother Earth. we honor Aisaiya, the wind. We pray to Ura, the water, mni wiconi, mni wakan. we give thanks to Suteh, warm fire. all the four elements combine to create us and we give thanks. feeling Nwyfre now, the spirit in and around all things, very strongly. strange that when nature starts quieting herself and pulling in, that spirit seems so strong. maybe it's the quiet that lets us notice spirit more clearly.

It's the morning after our Samhain ceremony and we're lazing in bed. The big brown dog has been put out in her pen but the otther two dogs are relaxing under the bed. "Tap Tap Tap " goes the drum we used in ceremony. it is innocently laying upright on a chair in the living room. "BARK BARK! the dog goes off. Annette, startled, says "WHAT'S THAT??" We jump out of bed with the dogs skittering underfoot, out to the living room. There sits the drum on the chair. In that moment of us looking at the drum, and the drum looking back at us, "Tap Tap Tap"

WHOA!! right in front of our faces in the morning light! The viel is thin indeed!

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