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Peace should be a verb. Peace should be something we do or are doing. Even when I sit amongst nature, still and quiet, I am "doing" peace. I am actively being peaceful. If I only talk about peace but then actively find something to disagree with or be offended by I am not participating in peace. Peace becomes a noun, over there, that I talk about but cannot experience because it's not something I do or am doing. This is what our culture wants. Our culture wants you to "pick a side", "whose side are you on?". This thinking creates the opposite of peace because the other side is wrong and something has to be done. That "something that has to be done" creates conflict and conflict is never peaceful and I'll even go so far as to say that conflict NEVER creates peace. It isn't easy, but if we truly want peace, it is our duty to not get caught up emotionally in conflicts. We need to stop reacting and think before we speak. It has been my experience that because we have created habits of reaction, that often times we create conflict with people who are agreeing with us! We must try to avoid conflicts and stop being confrontational. Our ego should not be our dictator. Take a breath , consciously, before speaking. If we cannot speak peace, should we be speaking?

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