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Alban Elfed

Well here we are again, around and around the wheel turns. Can you feel the changes? As a Druid we can have an advantage to sensing changes. It is quite important to us who read the omens. We who strive to know the secrets of the trees, water and bird language. I recently read that when the birds sing their thanksgiving at dawn it actually sends a physiological message to the plants! Wake up! The day is starting! I was taught to never disturb a singing bird, they are singing their thanksgiving address.

Speaking of birds, they are starting to flock up. The deer are going into early rut, losing the velvet on their antlers. Farmers are looking for a fourth cutting of hay and getting a strategy ready for the corn harvest. I'm starting to see small spots of fall color on the trees, especially by the river. What do you notice? In neighborhoods around gradeschools you can definitely hear when it's recess! A fall sound. I can feel a change in the air, a change in the energy of Nwyfre.

Alban Elfed, light of the water or the light of autumn. The Cailleach is restless and ready to get involved.

What can you sense? Come alive. Be a part of life. Reach out with all your senses. Don't rely on others to tell you when the season changes, feel it for yourself.

Alban Elfed, the fall equinox.

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