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So far it's been a dry winter here. It's been chilly but not terribly cold. The plants have withdrawn and it would be so quiet except for the birds. Sometimes the Cailleach, in her workings of winter, can be so unassuming. No roaring or tempests. Just a smooth constance. Every morning when I go to feed the donkeys, I'll offer my thanks to the sun and say good morning to our oak tree who stands as gaurdian in front of my house. Lately though, I have had the inner vision to not disturb him. This is how most messages from spirit come to me. subtle inner knowings. It's been many years of this kind of communication and I've learned to pay close attention to it. I've gotten so used to it that I don't really think about it. It's never steered me wrong. In the quietness of this time of the Cailleach it seems easier to pick up on it. An example is this morning. We keep our hay for the boys{our miniature donkeys}, in an old horse trailor. As I moved towards it, just beyond the oak tree, I got the distinct message to stop, look around, We generally refer to this action, in this kind of context, as "owl approaches forest", owls when they approach a hunting ground, will stop and reach out with their senses to preexplore the area. A way of knowing whats going on around them before they involve themselves. Any way, I stopped and started observing all the way around myself. And like a magnet I looked across the road and there was my neighbor watching me! They say that this is the time of year to work on the internal, and this is a way that I do this. Honing my ability to pick up on the subtle messages from the spirit world.

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