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What do you feel?

Here we are working on the backside of April, there is a cold wind blowing but the tulips have almost bloomed and some brave dandelions have flowered. The robins and grackles are back in the yard. Now everyone is working hard on that first clutch. I saw pelicans high up yesterday. But where are the toads? The name of our house is "Toad House" because we have so many here. I can feeel them. Like my soul is yearning for them. Where are the snakes? I neeed to see them. I can strongly feel them just under the surface. Can you sense them too? Like reptilian seeds ready to burst forth. Weirdly it's almost painful. The sense of them grabs me and won't let go.

I went and got hay the other day for our donkey boys and eerrrg, I could feeel a snake....but no snake.

We had the Wakinya, the thunder beings speak yesterday for the first time this spring. That made me happy!

But where are my toads??

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