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They say that if the weather on Imbolc is good it's because the Cailleach is gathering extra wood for a harsh spring. It's been cold, overcast and snowy here, maybe that portends a pleasant spring...we'll see. The sparrows and doves seem to think it's time to make babies. It's been a different winter here. We've seen meadowlarks sitting in the snow when it's not normal for them to be here this time of year. I think that the snow staying on the evergreen branches here is healing them from their deep depression from having huge plumes of smoke from the forest fires over our home. The oak gardian in the front told Annette a while back that his name is Ash. We thought he was joking around and we would laugh that we had an oak named Ash. The other day he told me that he wasn't being funny, he took that name to honor the millions of tree's who died in the forest fires and the ash that fell here from the smoke plumes. Well, we didn't think that was to funny. Rest in peace brothers. With the coming of Imbolc I am praying for the new growth of spring and the fading memory of the millions lost in the fires.

May your Imbolc be filled with the dreams of young greenies pushing there way up to the sunshine of spring.

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