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There is something taught by one of my teachers, and it's called The Slows. It is moving very very VERY slowly. To give you an idea of how slow, if you put your arm in water, a pond or stream, and you reach into the water elbow deep, when you remove your arm doing The Slows, your elbow should be dry by the time your fingers are leaving the water.

Why do The Slows? Anytime you engage your movement, be it walking or standing up, it is a form of meditation. Especially when done in wide angle vision. People are always rushing, even when they think they aren't. It's our culture. Hurry to get things done. Hurry to be on time. This creates an over active worried mindset that scares nature,all of nature. The Slows helps us quiet our minds. When I teach nature awareness classes, I always tell people to slow down, slow down. There is no destination, there is no time limit, slow down. And when you think you are moving slowly, take off your shoes, now you'll start to slow down. Without exeption, when we teach nature classes, as soon as class is done people rush back to their cars.

Another of my teachers points out that everything happens in nature before you got there and after you left. Why is that? Our minds are to busy and we move to fast. The Slows help us to slow down and quiet our minds.

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