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Reading signs

We have never had geese land here at our home. Actually these geese, there were four of them, landed just over the privacy fence on the neighbors property. They've never landed there either. The goose in the picture, when the group came down, oddly landed on top of a stack of 3×3 hay bales. As though to make certain she was seen.

So, this is how I interpret a "sign" as opposed to just a natural occurrence. Geese have never landed here before and landing on top of the hay bales was very strange! So this was not an ordinary occurrence. So what does a goose represent as a sign? Geese mate for life and are extremely protective of their family and space. They are very vocal and very aware.

Messages from signs are personal to the reader but it is well known that Druids were experts at reading them. I am thinking that as a Druid I must be expert at recognizing them. There is a feeling inside when I recognize a sign or symbol. It grips me and I have no question it is real.

So practice makes perfect. You can ask yourself a, Is this action natural to the messenger? Or is this action unusual? And b, Do you feel it in your gut? Is there something tugging at you saying "Pay attention!"

If you are on a walk and a squirrel runs past you and climbs halfway up a tree and alarms at you this is probably a natural occurrence. If you are sitting in your car and a squirrel jumps up on the hood right in front of you and sits and stares at you through the windshield this is unusual activity and you should probably pay attention. Never discount your inner voice. Start looking for these signs and you'll start seeing them. Now interpreting them is a whole other matter!


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