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Samhain is coming. Can you feel it? Can you feel the Cailleach in the shadows? I have been thinking on the dead and ancestors as of late. I never knew my grandfather, he was killed before I was around. Does anyone else think of him? Does anyone else honor his memory? I just found out that at least 45 people from my graduating class have passed. Most were young. Some I knew, some I didn't. Two of the girls I dated in high-school are gone. So many people. This doesn't even include family. Honoring the dead, honoring the ancestors. I hope someone honors my memory when I'm dust.

I will contemplate and remember the ones that I can. They are truly loved and missed and I honor and thank them. I have found that sitting in front of a fire lets my mind drift to the ancestors and the dead. Trying to understand the energy not unlike the energy the firewood gives. A powerful final burst of giving. What a legacy of giving if I could give a final burst of energy when I pass. I am comfortable with my own passing and where I'm going but thinking on this I'm understanding why the ancients put so much of their attention towards the dead and ancestors.

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